A Bone to Pick... or Gnaw!

A dog and her bone
Love at First Bite

Syntax encourages us to eat at our favorite restaurant because occasionally we bring home doggie treats.  Only very occasionally... but Syntax is ever hopeful.
Audit loves you... but don't get too close until the meat is gone Audit is so cute... she can look adorable even with an awkward chunk of steer sticking out the side of her mouth!  
Fortunately, Vector truly doesn't like bones all that much.  He much rather sit down to a gourmet dinner of fine kibble, and not have to work at getting the food off of the bone! Vector likes the leftover steak.  He thinks getting fed cubes of beef is much less work than gnawing the flesh off the bones!
Yes, Array IS in here somewhere.  She's busy chewing her bone.  And, well... she really isn't interested in sharing! Array, of course, is the most protective of her food cache.  This is as good a view of her that we could get in the backyard until she had finished the good parts!
Yes, yes, yes.  We know that bones are not good for dogs... they cause digestive upsets and probably do serious stuff, too.  But, every so often Syntax and the rest of the dachshund collective prevail on us to let them experience their instinctual food.  And, who can say "No!" to a dachshund?
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