A San Francisco Dachshund Pack

Lilliput's Empress Norton ML ("Audit")

Is there anything more comforting than
cuddling with a dachshund?

For years I knew that some day I would settle down, have a partner, a house, and a red miniature long-hair dachshund named Syntax.  This was my destiny.

I don't remember where I first saw a long-hair dachshund.  

Wherever or whenever it was, my initial viewing revealed a simple fact. 

The long-hair dachshund is my breed of dog.   They are the most cat-like of canines:  independent, picky, and unpredictably aloof.

The Wisdom of Syntax!

There are many web pages with ideas on how to live with a dog.  There are exhaustive lists for puppies, health care, and organizations. 

Ozdachs is a supplement to those encyclopedias with a  San Francisco view of dachshund-dom.

Visit these sites:

The American Kennel Club Dachshund page

Dachshund Club of America

Dachshunds on the World Wide Web

Pet Home Safety Hints from Expertise

Travel with your pet by Train, Not Plane

Lots of Adorable Ozdachs Family Photos

The world has moved to Facebook, Instagram, and dedicated galleries. So have we!

The best quality photographs are on the dachshund "at home" galleries at Smugmug.

Apex playing with her ball

Happy Browsing!

Lilliput's Well Red Syntax ML ("Syntax")

Consult Syntax's
advice on:

Picking a Puppy

Going to School

Whelping Healthy Puppies

A Bone to Pick

Ozdachs Family Pictures

Dachshund Family

Quotes about Dogs

Places to Sniff

The Ozdachs have joined the web rings listed below.  The pack has spent a great deal of time clicking from site to site, enjoying the pictures, stories, dogs, and people.  There are as many great surprise finds among these pages as there are wonderful strange smells in our backyard.

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