The descendents of Henry Wood have scattered far from the banks of the Namasket.  Some of us are genealogists and research into the past.  However, this page leaves that hard work to others, and it provides a modern-day contact list and some recent news of the cousins.

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Page edited Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

Thanks to cousin Anne for providing such a wonderful site for the first Wood family gathering in 19 years!

Cousin Jon suggested a photo sharing site, and we've set up a Flickr group for showing photos of the Decedents of Lorenzo Wood III.  Galen has emailed family members information on how to post your own pictures there, but please email or phone him if you have any questions.

Also, please let Galen know of anything you want shared with the clan on this page.  And, please make sure your contact and family information is up to date.  (When you send Galen email, you will get a spam challenge message back, unless he already knows your email address. Please answer it, or your information won't get through.)

Westwind, OR

Wood Family 2008
One version of the Family Portrait
(all versions have at least some eyes closed!)
Click on the photo for the huge original file

Slideshow of Photographs

The family has posted a group show of our best photos online.  The photos below are Galen's contribution to the collection.

(see the Flickr album)

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From Cousin Sue Gordon

September 9, 2008

Greetings! Cousin Jenny Few forwarded your post-reunion email and I enjoyed looking at the website and family genealogy. My branch of the Woods/Butler lineage is definitely missing, so I thought I'd get in touch and introduce myself.

So, who am I? I am Susan Butler Gordon, daughter of Robert G. Butler III (d. 1992) (brother of Lucy Painter and Shirley Hutchings, of course) My email is [email protected] -- my husband is Keith Gordon. I live in outside Washington, DC in Darnestown, MD and work at American University as a career counselor. I have three fourth gen kids-- Jean Alden Gordon (19), Sean Butler Gordon (17), and Christopher Ian Gordon (12).

Who are my siblings? David Norwood Butler, who is married to Jennifer Kang Butler. He is father to Robert Gregory Butler (17) and Stephanie Mira Butler (19). They live in Basking Ridge NJ.

Karen Butler Coton, married to Joseph Coton, in Waterbury, CT. They are fostering and plan to adopt a little 2 1/2 year old fireball, Lezley.

Deborah Lynn Butler, unmarried, lives in Valrico, FL, with my mother Barabara June (Barker) Butler.

I would have LOVED to come to the reunion and make new family connections-- we weren't exposed much to the Wood side, obviously -- but the last week of August marks the first week of school both for my boys and at my job, so it was impossible to take off.

Anyway, I'm glad to "meet" you and learn more of family connections. If there are any future reunions, let me know!

Cards by Cousin Joy

Card Design from Sunshine Valley Studio

Cousin Joy's Sunshine Valley Studios offers paintings and cards made from her designs.

Her work reflects the atmosphere of her Guilford, VT farm and the rural Northeast where her family lives.

The Sunshine Valley Studio website offers both greeting cards and painting, and she's posted pictures of the local environment which inspired her work.

You can drive to Guilford and look at her work in the local farm store.



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List of Cousins  — How we Fit Together

Cousin Rennie's will send out her genealogical chart with all the details and relationships. 
This is a quick reference for contact information.

Blood Descendent of Lorenzo Wood III Descendent Generation 2 (deceased)
Blood Descendent of Lorenzo Wood III Descendent Generation 3 (deceased)
Spouse/partner/significant other
Parent of a Generation 4 Wood cousin
Web Page

Jonathan Edward Bumsted
Lisa LaBossiere

Kris Bumsted

Laura Painter
Masato Okinaka
[email protected]

Cynthia Crocetti
[email protected]

Judy Painter
David Porter
[email protected]

Carla Bumsted Dempster
Kyle Dempster
[email protected]  

Anne W. Squier
[email protected]

Sue Gordon
Keith Gordon
[email protected]

Kurt Squier
Christina Williams
[email protected]

Jennifer Wood Hutchings Few
Richard Few
Scott Greenbaum
[email protected]

Stafford Squier
Mary Squier
[email protected]

Rennie Squier
Karen DeLano
[email protected]

Les Valsquier
[email protected]
Elise M. Valsquier
[email protected]

Joy and Mike McCarrick
[email protected]

Al Wood
[email protected]
Melva Colter


Lucy Mondo (nee Hutchings)
Jim Mondo
[email protected]

Lorenzo Wood, V
Becky Wood


Jon Painter
Robin Rabinowitz

Lorenzo Wood, VI
Barbara Wood
[email protected]

Lucy Painter
Jon Painter
[email protected]  

Galen Workman
[email protected]
You're at the site, Ozdachs!
Geoffrey Kulik 
[email protected]

Jonathan Painter
Robin Painter
J W [email protected]


Submit an address to be added to the list.

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Where else are members of our extended clan highlighted on the web?  Check here for places to visit.
bullet Lorenzo Wood VI family  home page.
bullet Joy (Wood) McCarrick art and cards
bullet Lots of Genealogical references to our ancestor Henry Wood can be found by searching the Internet.  Try him at Google.
bullet Need a Certified Public Accountant in San Francisco?  Geoff Kulik's firm  focuses on business growth.
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